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World’s quickest supercomputer might be constructed by AMD and Cray for US

The world’s quickest supercomputer might be constructed within the US by 2021, the US Division of Power introduced as we speak.

The machine, dubbed Frontier, might be constructed by chip designer AMD and supercomputer producer Cray for the Oak Ridge Nationwide Laboratory in Tennessee. It’s anticipated to provide greater than 1.5 exaflops per second of processing energy, and might be used for a variety of duties, performing superior calculations in areas like nuclear and local weather analysis.

When constructed, Frontier would be the most superior instance of what’s often called “exascale computing.” That is the next-generation of computing capability, by which processing energy is measured in exaflops, or quintillions of calculations per second. A quintillion is a one with a whopping eight zeros behind it: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.

To present an thought of the size of this form of machines, AMD says Frontier can have as a lot processing energy as the following 160 quickest supercomputers mixed. It’ll have the ability to deal with an astonishing quantity of information, with a bandwidth 24,000,000 instances higher than the typical residence web connection, able to processing 100,000 HD films in a second. It’ll even have a correspondingly large footprint, taking on 7,300 sq. ft of area (roughly equal to 2 basketball courts) and containing 90 miles of cabling.

Frontier isn’t the one exascale pc the US is at the moment constructing. Earlier this yr, the Division of Power introduced the same challenge to construct the supercomputer Aurora, which is being constructed at Argonne Nationwide Laboratory. Aurora will possible be the first exascale supercomputer within the US, however Frontier can have higher processing energy.

Neither machines would be the world’s first exascale computer systems although, as China is predicted to have its personal exascale supercomputer up and running by 2020.

The information is a very huge deal for AMD, says Patrick Moorhead, a semiconductor analyst at Moor Insights & Technique, because the American firm hasn’t equipped the chips for the world’s quickest supercomputer since 2012, when AMD Opteron processors have been used to push ORNL’s Titan pc to a benchmark of 17.59 petaflops per second.

Moorhead advised The Verge that the Division of Power possible selected AMD for a variety of causes, together with the efficiency of its processors, and its current successes designing semi-custom silicon for Microsoft and Sony. “This bodes well for AMD’s future as this is technology that should be in the mainstream market after 2021,” mentioned Moorhead.

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