[WATCH] Moby Talks About The Time He Rubbed His Penis On Donald Trump

Moby appeared on this weekend’s Real Time With Bill Maher to debate his new memoir, Then It Fell Aside — his second memoir after 2016’s Porcelain: A Memoir and his fourth revealed e book general. Maher is outwardly an enormous fan of Moby’s music, praising his multi-platinum fifth album Play and mentioning this month marks the 20th anniversary of the album, which purportedly nonetheless holds the report for the highest-selling electronica album of all time.

They mentioned Moby’s sobriety, vegan burgers, local weather change, and the youngsters today, particularly the music youthful individuals are listening to now. That half comes early within the video above if you wish to watch Invoice Maher go full “old man yelling at cloud” about fashionable music.

However probably the most shocking a part of the interview begins about 4 minutes in, when Maher says, “I ask this of all the guests we have on the show. Have you ever rubbed your penis against Donald Trump?” In maybe (maybe) a primary, Moby answered sure.

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