Sport of Thrones season 8, episode 5: Jaime will certainly kill Cersei

Within the fourth episode of Game of Thrones’ eighth season, probably the most startling moments in an episode full of them got here when Jaime Lannister left Brienne to journey to King’s Touchdown, shortly after the 2 lastly consummated their slow-burning romance.

“The Last of the Starks” noticed Jaime initially plan to stick with Brienne in Winterfell — a fairly big determination for him, contemplating his not-so-harmonious past relationship with a few of Winterfell’s residents. However then Jaime and Tyrion obtained a go to from their outdated frenemy Bronn, who confirmed as much as threaten them with a crossbow as a result of Cersei has put a value on each their heads. Bronn negotiated with the pair, agreeing to simply accept two swank castles in change for his or her lives. After which subsequent factor we knew, Jaime was cruelly leaving Brienne at midnight, providing up his personal spin on that outdated breakup traditional, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Of their goodbye scene, Jaime explains to Brienne that for many of his life, his main motivation has been to return to Cersei’s facet — and that’s why he’s chosen to depart Brienne now. Much more heartbreakingly, per the episode’s director, David Nutter, Jaime coldly informs Brienne, “I don’t love you anymore,” because the digicam focuses on her face, although we don’t hear him say this. Her tearful response upon listening to it’s what we see onscreen as Jaime rides away.

Setting apart what sounds like a pretty sadistic approach from Nutter when it comes to how the scene was filmed, Jaime and Brienne’s change incorporates a variety of implications for Jaime Lannister himself. He tells Brienne raggedly that he has to return to Cersei as a result of “she’s hateful — and so am I.” However what does that imply? Is he going again to hitch her as a result of he misses her, or as a result of they’re two of a form? Is he going to attempt to motive together with her earlier than she does something to harm his new comrades from the North, who’re already touring south to kill her? Is he going to attempt to defend Cersei by preventing towards them?

After I first considered this scene, Jaime’s motivation appeared apparent to me: He’s going again to King’s Touchdown to not reunite with Cersei, however to kill her. Nonetheless, after speaking to different Sport of Thrones viewers within the days for the reason that episode aired, I’ve realized there’s certainly not a normal public consensus on what Jaime’s plans are.

With that mentioned, there are many clues we are able to choose up from Sport of Thrones itself about what’s to return. I stan a conflicted, redeemed, self-loathing hero, not an incestuous fuckboi, so for anybody unsure, listed here are all the explanations I’m assured that Jaime will attempt to kill Cersei.

1) Jaime initially left Cersei as a result of he’s seen how sociopathic she’s grow to be

When Jaime left Cersei to trip north in the season seven finale, he did so for plenty of reputable causes. Not solely did Cersei fail to inform him prematurely that she was planning to lie about sending assist to the north, she additionally failed to inform him that Euron Greyjoy was in on the plot — and that Euron was nonetheless seeking to marry her. She additionally accused Jaime of conspiring towards her with Tyrion, and instructed him he’d be committing treason if he joined the struggle towards the White Walkers. All of this underlines simply how a lot the couple’s once-solid relationship has deteriorated.

Crucially, proper earlier than Jaime left, he pleaded with Cersei to acknowledge that she’s misplaced all her allies apart from him — however she rejected that concept too. “I’m the only one you have left,” he instructed her.

“There’s one more yet to come,” she replied, referencing both Euron’s return from Essos or their unborn youngster, who could or could not exist. Each choices could be unhealthy information for Jaime, and it’s clear that Cersei thinks — or is least is performing as if — she not wants or desires Jaime in her life.

It’s essential to recollect simply how irritating that dialog was for Jaime. Because it unfolded, we noticed him understand simply how despotic Cersei had grow to be, and the way prepared she was to betray or throw over anybody and everybody who may problem her quest for energy. None of his appeals to her humanity precipitated her to even flinch — not even his reminder that their unborn youngster might be susceptible to the then-impending menace of the military of the useless.

Whereas he was making an attempt to get her to care about saving all of civilization, she was interested by methods to take out certainly one of Dany’s dragons. Jaime had hoped that now that Cersei had the throne, they may lastly construct a cheerful life collectively. As a substitute, she confirmed him simply how completely her complete focus had shifted staying in energy.

And delusional, single-minded energy grabs? Properly, that’s simply not one thing Jaime — the person who killed a king as a result of the king was planning to destroy the entire metropolis — is right here for.

2) Good day, he simply realized that she employed Bronn to kill him

The scene earlier than Jaime leaves Winterfell entails him discovering out that Cersei has despatched Bronn to kill each him and Tyrion. Not solely does she ship Bronn, however she sends him — hilariously — with the identical large crossbow that Tyrion used to kill their father, Tywin, at the end of season four. The message Cersei is sending is that she views each brothers as having betrayed her and the Lannister identify.

Cersei couldn’t deliver herself to kill Jaime when he left her in King’s Touchdown in season seven. So someplace in his thoughts, up till now, he’s most likely been telling himself that she nonetheless has no less than a smattering of affection in her coronary heart for him. However sending Bronn, a person who’s saved each Tyrion and Jaime’s lives repeatedly, with the enormous traitor weapon is the form of gleeful cruelty that Jaime is aware of Cersei tends to order for her worst enemies.

So when he decides immediately after his encounter with Bronn to desert Brienne and the happiness they’ve simply discovered collectively to trip again into Cersei’s lair, he’s most likely not doing it with the expectation that Cersei will welcome him with open arms.

3) Cersei could don’t have anything left to care about besides energy — and Jaime could have figured that out

Cersei’s supposed being pregnant has been a supply of confusion for a lot of viewers. For starters, initially of season 5, we saw young Cersei receiving a prophecy from a witch, who instructed her she would have solely three kids, every of whom has already died. Although there’s some indication that the being pregnant, which she realized about on the finish of season seven, was a real thing — and that Jaime was the daddy — season eight has seen her inform Euron the infant is his, whereas additionally drinking wine, from which she’d abstained when she appeared to imagine she was pregnant.

Whether or not or not Cersei’s being pregnant is actual, all of this spells unhealthy information for Jaime. When he left Cersei to go struggle the military of the useless on the finish of season seven, Jaime clearly believed Cersei would by no means kill the daddy of her unborn son. So when Bronn confirmed up in “The Last of the Starks” with marching orders (and the promise of money) from Cersei to off each Tyrion and Jaime, it was most likely a transparent sign to Jaime that the standing of Cersei’s being pregnant has modified. (Nonetheless, it’s fascinating, given the truth that the 2 brothers have been collectively on this scene, that Tyrion clearly nonetheless believed Cersei was pregnant when he pleaded for Missandei’s life.)

From Jaime’s viewpoint, Cersei hiring Bronn to kill him may imply that she lied about being pregnant to start with, or that she’s since had a miscarriage. Both method, Jaime understands higher than anybody that with no future youngster within the image, there actually is nothing Cersei cares about at this level besides holding on to the throne and placing down all her enemies, which makes her a menace to, effectively, everybody.

4) There’s a prophecy within the books — one the present has referenced — that claims Cersei will die by the hands of her youthful brother

The aforementioned prophecy was given to Cersei by a witch named Maggy the Frog. Maggy the Frog additionally seems in George R.R. Martin’s A Music of Ice and Fireplace novels, on which the sequence is predicated — and within the books, the prophecy is extra intensive than what we noticed heard of it in season 5’s opening episode, “The Wars to Come.”

In Martin’s novel A Feast for Crows, Maggy delivers a prophecy about Cersei changing into queen; she additionally foretells that Cersei can have three kids. That half is repeated virtually phrase for phrase on the TV present:

However on the present, the scene ends earlier than Maggy’s final sentence within the e book, which is, “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

“Valonqar” is a Excessive Valyrian phrase which means “little brother.” Cersei has clearly at all times interpreted this prophecy to imply that Tyrion will kill her, and it undoubtedly explains her longstanding hatred and distrust of him. However Jaime is additionally her youthful brother. Although they’re twins, Cersei is the elder — and meaning Jaime may be a candidate for the job. Moreover, Cersei most likely isn’t interested by Jaime as her potential killer, which makes her extra more likely to fall sufferer to him, as she would nobody else.

So there you’ve it: a fairly robust case that Jaime using off to not delight in Cersei’s arms, however to aim to do what nobody else can: take away her from the throne as soon as and for all.

However in the event you’re anticipating a joyous reunion between Jaime and Brienne after he’s killed Cersei, not so quick.

The truth that Nutter had Jaime tell Brienne he no longer loves her when directing “The Last of the Starks” is a transparent indication that Jaime believes he received’t be seeing her once more, which implies he’s most likely anticipating a hell of a struggle to get to his sister. (Keep in mind, she’s protected by the Zombie Mountain.) That implies that by the point he makes his approach to Cersei and is ready to ship the deadly wound, he may effectively be wounded himself.

Chances are you’ll keep in mind that he as soon as instructed Bronn (in season 5’s fourth episode, “Sons of the Harpy”) that he wished to die “in the arms of the woman I love.” It appears he could, satirically, be getting that want granted far sooner, and beneath totally different circumstances, than he’d hoped.

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